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Recent and Representative Presentations

GROUP PLACE DATE TITLE - with pdf link
World Weather Open Science Congress
Montreal, Quebec, Canada August 18, 2014 How Social Sciences Are & Are Not Being Woven Into Meteorological Science
Studies of Precipitation, Flooding, and Rainfall Extremes Across Disciplines (SPREAD) Workshop
Fort Collins, CO July 13, 2013 Integrated Study History, Flash Floods, Case Studies and Prospects
National Weather Service Integrated Warning Team
Indianapolis, IN Sep. 4, 2011 What Motivates and Hinders Public Response: Research and Experience
National Hurricane Conference
Atlanta, GA April 18, 2011 Weather, Society and Emergency Management: Moving from What WAS to what IS

(very large pdf file, takes time to download)
Advanced Warnings Operation Course
National Weather Service
Warning Decision Training Branch
Norman, OK Feb. 18, 2011 Progress in Weaving Social Science into Meteorology

(link to recorded talk)
American Meteorological Society
Atlanta, GA January 25, 2011 The Challenges and Rewards of Expanding Atmospheric Science's Professional Partners

(link to recorded talk)
National Flood Workshop and Forum
Houston, TX Oct. 25, 2010 What We Know About How People Behave in Floods

(very large pdf file, takes time to download)

Mark Workman Public Lecture, University of North Florida
Jacksonville, FL Nov. 4, 2009 Reducing Losses from Natural Disasters: New Models that Integrate Perspectives from Science & Society

(very large ppt file, takes time to download)
Lovell Distinguished Lecture, to launch the International Flash Flood Laboratory
San Marcos, TX Oct. 17, 2009 Hydro-Socio-Meteoro-logy: Essential Elements for Flash Flood Mitigation and Research

(very large ppt file, takes time to download)
NOAA ESRL-NCAR (Earth System Research Laboratory, National Center for Atmospheric Research) Seminar Series

(very large file, takes time to download)
Boulder, CO May 4, 2009 Integrating Social Science into Meteorology: Progress in Moving from WAS to Is with Evidence from Remarkable Voyages into a New World
Integrated Warning Team workshop, National Weather Service (w.J. Demuth)
Kansas City, MO January 21, 2009 Using the Weather and Society * Integrated Studies Approach
International Session American Meteorological Society sponsored by National Weather Service Phoenix, AZ
January 9,  2008
New Initiatives the Integrate Social Science and Policy into Weather and Climate Work
Cooperative Institute for Research in the Atmosphere Fort Collins, CO May 9, 2008 Social Science and Atmospheric Science: Developing Effective Partnerships
Norman, OK Summer Policy Colloquium Graduates Norman, OK March 11, 2008   Bringing More Policy Science into WAS * IS
COMET Hydrometeorology class Boulder, CO February 26, 2008 Flash Floods – Integrating Social Science
American Meteorological Society New Orleans, LA January 21, 2008 Culture Change in Meteorology- Progress in the Move from WAS to IS
National Hydrologic Warning Council  Savannah, GA  June 2007 Risky Business: Innovations in Natural Hazards Public Education Based on Research and Practice

WAS * IS Presentations

GROUP PLACE DATE TITLE - with pdf link
Summer 2009 Workshop Launch (w. others)
Boulder, CO August  6, 2009 Welcome to Summer 2009 WAS * IS Overview

(very large file, takes time to download)
Summer 2009 Workshop Wrap up
Boulder, CO August 14,  2009   Summer 2009 WAS * IS Wrap Up

Oldies But Goodies

GROUP PLACE DATE TITLE - with pdf link
Southwest Association of American Geographers   Norman, OK October 2006 To Be Mentored by Gilbert White
Advanced Warning Operations Course, Warning Decision Training Branch Norman, OK August 2004 (with audio)   Social Science Lessons: What Have We Learned from Recent Floods and Warnings
COMET Hydrometeorology class Boulder CO August 2004 webcast A Social Science Perspective on Flood Event